Which Feosol® Iron is Right for You?

active woman

For my body

  • I’ve taken iron, and it doesn’t bother my stomach.
  • I prefer taking an iron that is absorbed more slowly so it’s gentler on my system.
  • I have a sensitive stomach, so I want a gentle iron that minimizes the side effects that I’m used to.

For my budget

  • I love a good deal, and I always want the best value.
  • I’m on a budget, but I’m willing to pay a little extra for a gentler option.
  • My health is important enough to me to spend more for the most benefits.

For my lifestyle

  • I want a simple, but effective solution for my iron needs.
  • I would choose a natural method over a chemical coating when it comes to slowing down iron absorption.
  • I need flexibility to take my iron any time, with or without food, AND I want it to be gentle too.