Feosol Product Information

Feosol oral iron therapy is available over-the-counter nationwide at grocery stores, supercenters and drug stores. All three forms of iron are high potency doses, however they differ in elemental iron and unique absorption attributes:

feosol complete iron

  • Feosol® Complete with Bifera® HIP & PIC

    Feosol® Complete contains both Heme Iron Polypeptide (HIP) and Polysaccharide Iron Complex (PIC). When combined, heme iron and non-heme iron work synergistically to restore the body’s iron stores while minimizing the usual side effects associated with oral iron supplementation.

feosol natural release iron

  • Feosol® Natural Release with carbonyl iron

    Carbonyl iron is 100% elemental iron and is gentler on the system than iron salts, such as ferrous sulfate. The absorption is regulated naturally by the body, so it may be prolonged with milder side effects than other non-heme irons.

feosol original iron

  • Feosol® Original with ferrous sulfate

    Ferrous sulfate is an iron salt, and it is 20% elemental iron. For many years, ferrous sulfate has been the type of iron most familiar to doctors, making it the most commonly recommended.

Heme iron is a biologic form of iron that has been shown to be effective in clinical studies. Heme iron is much better absorbed than non-heme irons and may minimize the level of gastrointestinal side effects associated with the non-heme irons, such as diarrhea, constipation and nausea. The combination of heme and non-heme iron may increase total iron absorption by up to 40%.

Compare Irons

Product Type of iron Heme or Non-heme Benefit
feosol original pillFeosol® Original Ferrous sulfate (an iron salt) Non-heme Form of iron most often recommended by doctors in a high potency formula
feosol natural pillFeosol® Natural Release Carbonyl iron (micro-particles of iron) Non-heme Gentle to your system because its absorption is naturally regulated by the body
feosol complete pillFeosol® Complete with Bifera® HIP & PIC iron Heme & non-heme combined in 1 pill! Dual iron formula which minimizes side effects and maximizes absorption